Off shore application

Off shore sea bed consolidation for under water structures can be performed with VibroSTA equipment.
Foundations of quay walls and berths, soil improvement for slopes of dredged areas can be achieved with vibro compaction or stone columns method depending by design requirements.
Execution of top feed and bottom feed stone columns is more challenging when works are to be performed offshore and in marine conditions. In the marine wet top feed method, a 3 m to 3.5 m thick gravel layer is initially placed on the seabed. This layer will feed the stone columns.  The maximum stone column lengths that can be constructed using the gravel layer are in the order of 10 m to 15 m.  In the bottom feed method gravel is fed to the tip of the vibroflot through a gravel pipe with a large hopper at its head. The hopper has a capacity in excess of the expected stone consumption for one column.

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